List of ETFs - From Sector to Regional and Country ETFs

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All You Need To Know About Etfs

ETFs are Exchange Traded Funds. They are very versatile instruments.

Below is a fairly comprehensive list of the most popular ETFs. Click on any of your choice to open a catalogue of those particular ETFs.

ETFs track an underlying product or basket of products.

They track the likes of Indexes such as the S&P 500 and NASDAQ, regions, sectors, commodities including gold and oil etfs, bonds, countries and other asset classes .

ETFs can even be used for shorting (selling) the market or a product.

Short ETFs enable investors to profit from declines in an underlying product without directly selling short any securities.

Rather, they just buy the Short ETF which would profit as that product declines.

Some Distinct Advantages of ETF’s

  • ETFs generally provide diversification.
  • They have all the features of ordinary stocks, such as limit orders, short selling, and options.
  • Liquidity - this is important in order to get decent spreads between bid and ask and the ability to enter and exit a position easily.
  • ETF’s have the benefits of Mutual Funds but are priced continuously through out the day just as stocks. (Mutual Funds are only priced at the end of the day.)
  • Many have Morningstar Rating just like Mutual Funds.

ETF’s generally trade as iShares, SPDRs and ETF’s.

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