Beginners Guide To Stock Trading And Investing

Stock Trading and Investing during the last 10 years have resulted in massive losses to Investors.

All of the major Indices declined in the decade from 2000 to 2010. That period is even now referred to as the lost Decade for Investors.

Countless Traders, on the other hand, made money. Whereas Investors rely on Fundamental Analysis, Traders depend on Technical Analysis.

The intent of this site is to assist and to guide readers about Trading, Investing as well as some Economics.

These pages will dispense stock trading information, advice and education for beginners as well as seasoned investors and traders.

If you are a beginner investor or trader, this is a must read. Also, seasoned Traders and Investors will find it helpful.

In your plan as well as your trading actions, you want to Keep it Clear-cut, Steady as well as Repeatable. These pages will seek to continuously remind and guide you of this uncomplicated, nonetheless significantly vital rule.

Throughout, I will endeavor to supply stock trading suggestions plus explain and disentangle what I believe are some of the most central tenets of triumphant trading and investing.

What This Site Will Cover

Topics covered will include:

  • What Is Needed To Start Your Investing And Trading Pursuit. You must have a plan! Yes it is the single most important thing that you do. No, you cannot circumnavigate it! If you don’t have a plan you will not succeed. Period!

    I will show you how to Plan Your Strategy depending on your risk profile and tolerance and help you Build Your Investment Plan from Scratch .

    We want to plan a stock trading system that is Uncomplicated, Constant and Duplicatable. You must be able to do the same thing repeatedly.

  • Finding Potential Trade Opportunities Using Simple Technical Analysis. It doesn’t matter whether the market is moving up or down.

    Technical Analysis cannot prophesy peaks and troughs. Nevertheless, it is great at identifying reversals as well as trends. A great deal of wealth may be made recognizing trends and reversals.

  • Finding Opportunities In The Commodities Or Futures Markets without trading in them directly but in Commodities ETF’S. This allows you to share in the volatile, violent, explosive and savage actions in those markets while allowing you to skillfully manage your risk.

  • Top 10 Pitfalls Of Trading. Be prepared to do your own research and not depend on tips and suggestions from other people.

  • Causes Of The 2008 -2009 Recession And The Aftermath. Has the disease been beaten? If so, now what happens to the patient? As a consequence of the aftermath, where can the most excellent opportunities be found?

Learn Simple Stock Trading Basics

In trading and investing, the only allegiance or loyalty you should possess is to your strategy as well as your success - not about a particular stock or position. Neither should any emotional involvement be placed on any particular stock or position.

One or the open stock trading secrets is discipline. There must be a determined, stubborn, resolute, single-minded and persistent adherence to your strategy and your plan.

Although this can sometimes be hard to do, it must be done to guarantee success. Be fiercely loyal to the adherence of your strategy and be prepared to unwind the position if there is any violation of the parameters you set for any stock or security.

Strict allegiance to these principles will invariably be rewarded handsomely with enormous success.

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